I never minded

I never minded paying
the lonely girls on the street corner
for sex – they are professionals
who fully realize that love
is a commodity best purchased
with cold hard cash
rather than having
pieces of flesh ripped
from the heart and the throat.

The long fall

My distance
was stayed
in the end
we would
have become
between poems


life is too sad
when intrigue
is replaced
by resentment.

Lost Horizon

You were Jane Wyatt
while I played my best Ronald Colman
when we met one last time
below the cresting sunset
upon the fabled bridge in Shangri-La
where the evening’s chill reminded us
that parting is its own conclusion.

And now in this restored version
the footage of when I kissed you is missing
with only the soundtrack of memory
to tell of how we were once
more than a Frank Capra film.

Lunch at McDonalds
for A.D. Winans
& Charles Bukowski

The coffee is as hot
as it is flavorless, whatever
is in this bun seems to be
covered with cheese
and these French fries
taste better in my memory
than they do today

but, hell, at least I am here
to eat the damn meal!

I Took My Lust for a Walk

I needed to stretch my legs
so I took my lust for a walk.
I put him on a choke chain
and brought along the cattle prod
in case something obvious
sent him pointing
in the wrong direction.

We had a nice time
strolling the boulevard,
ignoring the icy stares
when he relieved himself
on a fire hydrant
or someone’s trite statement,
until he saw an infatuation
crossing the street.

He broke free and took off
like a foregone conclusion.
I looked everywhere,
asked the people I passed,
put up a flyer or two,
but I couldn’t find him
so I went home, watched
some TV, and caught a cold
when I fell asleep on a wet pillow.

The next morning
I heard a ruckus outside.
I found some poor woman
trying to pull my lust
off her misinterpreted signal.

I got out the garden hose.

This was going to get messy.


Roger Humes is a poet, editor and computer graphic artist from Claremont, California. He is the Director of The Other Voices International Project and the International Poetry Editor for Harvest International, an annual arts and literature magazine produced by the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.  He has released a chapbook, There sings no bird.