Other notable works by Jon Bohrn and M. Anne Sweet.

Anne Fraser-

Map Maker

Erasing lines
or adding them –
a means to circumvent
the most difficult journey.

To redefine the vast
and unthinkable properties
of grief
into inches;

degrees of separation
from this place
and the casualties
of this particular


counted backward
in moments,

fingertips pressed
against uneven edges.

The struggle
to begin a stiff unfolding
of what remains,

this hope
that yearning
may be stilled,

not left to rise
and shudder,

the moth compelled
to flail against
a lighted window.

are quick small breaths

as light burns,
then ages
into something cold –

and yet I imagine.

Grandmother’s Embrace

How the body
and shudders,

and keeps
and keeps.

Terminal Illness

A young woman
sleeps inside my skin,


a memory in outlines.

It is she
who awakens

and feels loss,

dully, incompletely;

Day Dream

A rumor
of the mind;

white curtains
that open and close

through me
like winter waves;

the chill
of a last frost,

and yet
how quickly
I step toward you,

how quickly
I enter the space
of this room.

Looking Back

The desperate
need of disbelief,

and you
looking back,
blindingly tender;

I know
you must go.

I know,
For the sake
Of this child,
I must become

what is left
of us.

Anne Fraser is a Seattle poet who began writing in 2002. She graduated from Central Washington University in 1986 and works as a paralegal. Anne’s poetry has appeared in print and extensively on the internet with literary journals including, among others, the Blue Fifth Review, the Muse Apprentice Guild, Wicked Alice, V.L.Q., Whistling Shade, The Book of Remembrance, The Electric Acorn, Lily, the Arabesques Review, the Red River Review, Poems Niederngasse, Alba, and A Little Poetry. In addition to the written word, Anne has dabbled a bit with the notion of “artist”. Some of her drawings/paintings are included in the Raven Chronicles Online Art Showcase.

Anne is a member of the Washington Poet’s Association and the World Poet’s Society.

Jon Bohrn-

Icarus, later

In the years that passed
since I fell to earth
I have counted
lost feathers, wax drops,
days shivering
in the aftermath, the
closeness to the sun
is a two-edged sword;
even now I yearn
for melting in the heat
of bare intensity,
the gravity of unexpected consequences
ignored, as usual.


On Osaka mornings
spirits glide easy
over the ponds
and the timeless
lacquer-red bridges.

Cherry blossoms rise,
tiny suns in the morning fog;
clouds – old man’s beard,
on the face of Mt. Kongo.

Free here, a half-world away,
our daughter’s smile
young strangers here borrowed it —
          and I silently send you
my daily bouquet of regret.

Platform #2

This is not
a point along the way
where we can stop
and dream of
grand destinations,
baggage arranged,
cars waiting tensely,
doors slamming.

Central Stations
coalesce departures
groaning steel
engines’ strained expectations
   and maybe just then
the quiet faith
of meeting you,
once I get there.


She placed her dreams
in my hand,
small winged seeds
which I would put
in ground I held sacred,
taking them
inside each night,
covered against the cold.

I would keep her dreams –
our inexorably connected
intimacy of thought
           and of future,
warm and touchable.


yourself to the sky,
your perspective
             blue-and-white spaces
             your time
             a next meal
             bitterly fought for
and I wonder
who in your flock
watches out for you.

Jonathan (“Jon”) Bohrn lives in Long Beach, CA, which he considers to be the best place on earth. He likes to spend as much time as possible under an open sky, wandering Southern California mountains and deserts until running out of food, water or, even worse, batteries for the GPS. Jon’s work has appeared in print and on-line publications, as well as spoken-work venues in the Los Angeles area. His online chapbook site, Contemplating August can be found at August Poetry.

M. Anne Sweet-

1st and Pine Encounter

Man on the street stops to tell me
I look good. I stare at him –
black, bearded, he carries a guitar.
There have been others
I walked on by –
a nod, a comment,
a sly glance at white skin
edged by short cropped top.

The light does not change.
Caught on a corner
I hear myself say thank you,
ask, is he from Seattle,
does he play his guitar,
has he been here long.
He mouths vague syllables –
Spokane, yes, no not long.

Something of his guitar
he sees in me.
A slim belt hugs my waist,
the sun presses hot on black jeans,
snug hipped, long, rolled
above red sandals.
A glare of rare heat
sparks his eye.

Not the first to ask for my hand –
quarters, cash or cigarettes –
You spoke to me, he says.
The light changes, my walk hesitates.
That is all he asks.

Blood Web

To P.J.S.N.

Sister –
Tell me of the black hole that burst in your brain
a stroke of pain
tangled blood web broken

Tell me how you held on
held to our mother’s hand
held to God thank yous tight in your teeth

Tell me how you grasped our father’s hand
a milk bottle blossom
one year a day the setting sun

Tell me of your barefoot walk across a blackened forest floor
how you bear the weight of Icarus burning his wings

Tell me how I pinched you till my hands shook
a tale of Thai orchids, kra tongs, sins afloat in a pool

Speak Christ’s love and I push you away
you of first nylons and first communion
me of first piercing first stain

But Sister –

Tell me how a hole burst in your brain and I listen
pray call home send carnation and lily tell you
rise again a pastor tending your sheep

You are the tower of Pisa Noah of ark
tablets handed from a burning bush

I am the family bard

Tell me how you held on
and I will sing you rooted
a seed one seed one sapling an oak

M. Anne Sweet is a poet and artist. Her poetry collection, Nailed to the Sky, is out from Gazoobi Tales Publishing (2004). She has read extensively throughout the Puget Sound area, individually and with the Seattle Five Plus One. Her poetry has also appeared in The Seattle Five Plus One: Poetry (Pig Iron Press, 1995), The Comstock Review, Crab Creek Review, Raven Chronicles, Pontoon, Main Street Rag Poetry Journal, PoetsWest Literary Journal and many other print and online literary journals. She is a past winner of the Bart Baxter Poetry in Performance Award and is currently working on poetry-music collaborations with area percussionist and musician Chuck Smart. She has also won awards for her visual art and has had one-person shows of her art in Seattle and Federal Way. Nailed to the Sky can be purchased at Gazoobitales.