Labi Siffre-

Today you were swiped

Tomorrow you’ll be borrowed
Waves will verify your identity
Being tasted
Wear this lemon on your wrist
We will attach it
With slivers of finger nail dipped
In honeyed sticky stuff now lean
Your head against this console
The pattern of your brain will be
Impinged. Pass go. No one will know.


Nothing you say will be taken down

And given in evidence
We already have too much evidence
Far from the killing fields

He calls for world peace
In a subtle crayfish rue
A coming flavor now we know

There is nothing good or bad
Outside; it is our approach
That makes the world

As we see it; after eating
He shares the serrated knife
Thrusts it twisting in to your gut

As your view changes
We will direct security services
To arrest your approach


Don’t lay your body there

Wasted among the multitude
No matter how loud you writhe
It will be difficult even for me to find you
And I’m largely aroused by you naked
Or dressed it don’t matter though it’s lucky
You want me to do those things those things

It’s easy to forget improvements have been made
The width of your sensitivity for example
Has enabled you to more easily ignore
The temptation to climb tall buildings
I prefer you to descend and surprise myself
When my voices lower the deeper I get
My thighs to your cheeks

Forget their gabble; my contempt grows
With their outrage yet more feeble
More desperate yes
It will probably lead to blood shed
The more ridiculous they hear themselves
Weak as they are they kill children
Talk ‘em to depths of death

Enough of that; I’m glad I found you
Though you didn’t realize you wanted
To be found; I’m a bully, yes, and you’re lucky
I am, beneath this vague shade of temperance
Beats a medium sized hydraulic system
With a surprising, to me, amount of renewable.
And you, no new leaf but I like it all
The same when I turn you over


Artistic courage in the west

Orate the truth
No one is listening

Speak out
No one will hear

Storm the barricades
No one will notice

Challenge authority
They have nought to fear

Be the voice of the voiceless
Art demands nothing less

Be assured
With our bellies full
It is safe to protest


Medicament in the 21st century

The poor are poor cause they wannabe poor
Spake the New Christianity, the USA,
The only major industrialized nation
Sans universal health care

“Pay or die”, their compassionate commandment
Unlike God / Allah / Jehovah who demands
We be dragged from the balm of non-existence
Given no option but to pay AND die
Then, pay again


Labi Siffre is an English poet with an online presence at www.intothelight.info and three published poetry collections, “Nigger“, “Blood on the Page” & “Monument”. He is also a musician and multimedia artist.