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Hiram Larew-


If only I was going towards someone
Who was the color of evening
Who would look back at me
Even from books far away
And remember all of this wonderful seeming.

What else would he remember —
The touch of what I haven’t said
Or the maps I’ve folded over?

What’s hard is going further along —
Trying to reach pure full in time
Or such adoring.



You should get here just before you get here
When cups are still put away
And the soap is dry and waiting
When all of what I’m thinking of is half magic
Half a sort of danger
And empty vases shine like a gift
When birds out front don’t have any idea that you’re coming
But dance anyway
And the sky from here to there
Or even the edge of the world
For once matters deeply

I’ve always had a need for these kind of edges —
For anything that makes what is from what isn’t
Like people who never know fear
Or like pink next to gray
Or like logs stacked in the woods
I’ve always needed these kind of wavy lines

I’ve decided that
Something has to happen
It has to
With everything this ready and wobbly
Here in the doorway that’s like you —
Either fate has to make good and come clean
Or I’ll just live in my beard.



there —
what kind of advice
would we find
in hills
further than green
rounded on gone
our us seem to change

to ever

slopes —
our here hearts are found
as wishes or starts
curved learning
almost like time
for folding

so —
how do we love
in this open
upward to skies
eyes bending
as go
with hands to a map
some old and touch new

by this making.



I think of him as larger
Like what happens on a ship –
All looking out, yes, but not saying more,
With growing splits of light in clouds —
Bigger still than that
And through my bearings.

I think of him as looming on
And furthered,
Some maybe can’ts but surely tries
The never square
Off perfect.

I think of him in surprise —
The very wave that catches me
The sudden choice
And forward’s back –
My standing on this turning.


Hiram Larew’s poems have most recently appeared in Honest Ulsterman, Amsterdam Quarterly, Every Day Poem, and Viator. He is a global food security specialist and lives in Maryland. On Facebook at “Hiram Larew, Poet.”



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